Where take thee thy heart?"
Asked the prince of his love.
"Shall you carry it away
to the clouds high above?"

I take it to Faerie
Where men grow not old;
Where castles are built
of rubies and gold."

"And where will you go,
my dear, dear girl?
Where will you wander
in this great, great world?"

"Over the hills
of Blackmoor and Wilvur,
on through the lands
of Gerrys and Tilber!
Along the river Staele
for one month and a day
'til the farmlands grow barren
and the skies turn gray.

"There shall I stop,
and there shall I wait
for the guardsmen of Faerie
to open the gates."

"If you leave,
then know I shall follow
'cross ocean and wood,
mountain and hollow."

"Do not try to find me,"
said the maiden so fair.
"For I shall remember neither
your visage nor your hair.

"For you see the price of passage
is that one must forget
all that came before Faerie
and all that one left.



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