Precious little darlings, All dressed in pastel hues,
Flighty little fairies That carry honey dew.
Sparkles in their pockets And gold dust in their hair,
Carrying stars to heaven To hang them in the air.

They float above the clouds, Way past the yellow moon
Carrying the golden stars To light the sky for you.

Sliding on the moonbeams, Giggling as they go,
Draping stars across the heavens, They put on quite a show.

Fairy dust floats through the sky, Comets streak near by,
The fairies are so busy, Now and then they give a sigh.

A falling star drifts slowly, Toward the earth below,
It fell from a fairy pocket Or maybe she just let it go.

Precious little fairies, That stock the sky with stars,
I'll bet you never knew, That they could fly so far.

Sliding down a moonbeam Or dancing on a star,
You'll never know They've been there,
Fairies never are, ... Are they ?

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